About Us

AVC Engineering came to fruition after the completion of Phuket FantaSea, Asia’s largest theater. AVC’s directors and key personnel installed lighting, sound and automation systems that remain in daily use.

To date, AVC has completed over 200 houses and hotels with several more in the works. Initially, we focused on Home Automation based on our theatrical and theme park experience. As our client base grew we were increasingly asked to solve a wider range of problems. In order to accommodate these needs AVC extended its expertise to include mechanical, electrical and plumbing design.

The AVC team

Project owners benefit from AVC’s organizational infrastructure not only during the design stage but also on site. AVC performs regular site visits and site reports are submitted monthly to our clients.

Our dedicated team of skilled technicians and engineers are trained to realize a coordinated aproach to each unique construction.

We rarely advertise. All of our work comes from word of mouth recommendations. We have become close friends with many customers and have created a rewarding working enviroment for our staff through incentive schemes, education and other benefits.

We pride ourselves on our honesty and dedication: qualities that run through every aspect of AVC operations. This keeps us in excellent standing with our clients, our staff and our local community.

The AVC team