Solar Power

The sun doesn’t just provide warmth and light, it’s also a source of clean energy. Phuket has an abundance of sunlight, even during the rainy season. Phuket also has rising electric bills, frequent power outages, and a desire to be classed as “eco-friendly”.

To generate your own energy, you need four essential components:

  • Solar Panels: to capture energy from the sun
  • Batteries: to store the energy you generate
  • Charge Controller: to regulate and protect the batteries.
  • Inverter: to convert the energy to from DC to AC power

It is also possible to connect the solar system to the local power grid, selling excess electricity back to the power company. This is especially useful for homes that are not occupied all year round.

You can monitor your system online, which shows you how much power you’ve generated, how much you consume, and helps troubleshoot any issues.

The AVC team

Advantages of Solar Power in your home or place of business

  • Very low maintenance and long warranty periods
  • Store backup power for use at night or in case of outages
  • Sunlight is an infinite/renewable resource that will not be depleted
  • Save on your utility bills
  • No emissions are created from the electricity production
  • Enhances the value of your property

Please contact us if you would like a free no obligation assessment to see if your home or workplace is suitable for solar power.

The AVC team

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