AVC Engineering offers Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) Engineering services. Adhering to the highest standards Internationally, we specialize in ASHRAE BS7671, and ASME A112. We also adhere to and are active members of the Engineering Institute of Thailand (EIT). We work closely with Owners, Architects, Interior Designers and Contractors to perform coordinated designs that are accurate, easy to understand and efficient.  

Thailand's construction methods are based almost entirely around concrete. It is therefore essential to ensure you have the right plumbing, electrical wiring, and air-conditioning at the design stage. Early miscalculations can mean over-budget or delayed construction, plus high monthly utility bills later on. Post-build changes are intrusive and costly at best. 

AVC stays with the project from conception to completion. We make sure our clients' best interests are represented and go beyond providing copy-paste drawings. We offer clear, achievable suggestions and solutions that are cost effective and future-proof. We also consider the environment, using green technologies such as solar power and wind where economically viable and appropriate. 
In all the above services AVC maintains total quality control. To ensure proper compliance we conduct regular site inspections and provide comprehensive reports to our customers and their project team on a regular basis. 





AVC Engineering combines pre-installation planning, skilled and responsible technical staff and careful selection of equipment to provide our clients with years of trouble-free service.

All  home-automation equipment and peripherals connect to a lighting control system. Our product line-up is high quality, durable and comes with extensive guarantees. Products are selected based on their ability to integrate well with each other, something that we have learned from experience. 

AVC specializes in programming that is intuitive, simple, and aimed at people who may only be visiting for a few days. It takes a significant amount of equipment, sensors and knowledge to make things work together well. That's what we do best. 

Quality products with proper installation also allow AVC to easily remedy any issues that may occasionally arise over time. Through 24/7 Technical Support, we are as committed to your project after completion as before it was built. This sets us apart as the country’s top Home Automation specialists.















Also known as Smart Home or Domotics, “HA” integrates any or all of the products below making your property intelligent, convenient, secure, and environmentally friendly.

Lighting Control Systems: Connect all interior and exterior lights to central dimmers. Scenes are programmed and activated by sensors, timers or buttons on a User Interface (see below). 

Audio-Visual Systems: Audio-Visual Systems combine several components for use as stand-alone applications in a home theater or bedroom, or as distributed applications in dining rooms.

User Interfaces: User Interfaces are simply Keypads (switches) discretely placed in convenient locations, iPads, and smart-phones. 

Communications Systems: Include telephones, wired and wireless data networks, and intercom systems that may include video.

Automation Control: activates motors to open doors or gates, draw curtains, shades or blinds, and raise-lower a TV or projector screen.

Climate Control: Climite Control sets the air-conditioning in each room, adjusts ceiling fan speeds and activates extractor fans in bathrooms.

Security Systems: may be as simple as motion sensor lights, or a larger system containing Surveillance cameras, and a burglar alarm. 

While the above options may sound complex, the end-user only needs to deal with the simple-to-use buttons on a User Interface.